The Book Of Deborah


The First Book of The Chronicles of Deborah

He rolled me over, both of us shrieking with laughter. Somehow my leg never hurt when I was playing with him. We played rolling down the hill until we were dusty and exhausted and we knew we would be in trouble for getting so dishevelled. ‘Don’t fret, Deborah,’ he said as we dusted each other down, picked up the wood we had gathered and started the climb back up to the village. ‘I’ll get myself sacrificed in Jerusalem to save your beloved animals.’ He laughed; we both did. It was a beautiful day and we were young.

This is the life-story of Jesus of Nazareth, from childhood to the crucifixion, told by his adopted sister Deborah. Together with her husband, Judas, Deborah learnt the sacred mysteries of the Jewish faith and her understanding of the incredible events that were to unfold offer a remarkable interpretation of the origins of the Christian story.

Deborah is a perfect heroine… I read it in one sitting, not because I was in a hurry but because I became absorbed in a well-told story.Mary Loudon, The Times.