…for Summer 2019.

Kabbalah The Wisdom Of Your Soul, a five-part downloadable course by

Rev. Maggy Whitehouse.

What if there were an ancient mystical tradition that taught you all you could want to know about the nature of your soul?

What if that knowledge helped you to understand the patterns of creation and the true relationship between the Divine, humanity and the Universe?

There is. It is called Kabbalah, which means ‘received wisdom’ in Hebrew.

This ancient Judaic mystical tradition is based on the perennial patterns of creation and teaches us how to live happily and wisely in the world.

This five-part introduction to Kabbalah will teach you the basics of the two pieces of ‘scaffolding’ on which Kabbalistic teaching is based—the Tree of Life and Jacob’s ladder. It will open the door to the relationship between God, humanity and the Universe and show you the nature of your own soul.

No red strings attached.

The whole course is usually £75.00 but for a limited time it’s here for just £29.99. What’s more, you can get a taste of the course by downloading Part One absolutely FREE simply by clicking this link and then adding the free product to your basket.  All we ask is that you provide your email address.


Still available: Merkabah Meditations, also by Maggy Whitehouse.

‘Merkabah’ comes from the Hebrew word for chariot and these mystical meditations come in a format dating back to Biblical times when spiritual seekers would make a contemplative ascent based on the teachings within the Book of Ezekiel.

These five meditations will take you on an internal journey to understand your soul and experience higher guidance. And they’re fun, too.