What’s New…

…for Summer 2018.

Merkabah Meditations from Rev. Maggy Whitehouse.

‘Merkabah’ comes from the Hebrew word for chariot and these mystical meditations come in a format dating back to Biblical times when spiritual seekers would make a contemplative ascent based on the teachings within the Book of Ezekiel.

These five meditations will take you on an internal journey to understand your soul and experience higher guidance. And they’re fun, too.

And a new book!

The Homecoming, the second in Norah Lofts’ trilogy of books about Knight Errant Sir Godfrey Tallboys, his wife Lady Sybilla and their children (the first was Knight’s Acre) is now published in Kindle ebook form for the very first time. You can buy the book in traditional paperback format, too. The final part of the trilogy, The Lonely Furrow, will be available by the end of November, again in both paperback and Kindle formats.