Prosperity Teaching Of The Bible Made Easy


Unemployment, the economic situation and fears of recession still fill the news. Where can we find hope that we can thrive?

Let’s go back to forgotten basics: to the perennial teachings about prosperity, worth and money from both Hebrew and New Testaments. They have much to say that can help us to live wisely and well—and to help others do so too—whatever the news may have to say.

This latest in the O Books Made Easy series is written by Rev. Maggy Whitehouse, Bible scholar and mystic. Maggy skilfully guides us through parables and teachings in the books of Genesis, Exodus, Deuteronomy, Kings, Esther and, of course, the teachings of Jesus and St. Paul.

In this scholarly, profound but easy-to-read book, she clears up many common misconceptions about religion, spirituality and wealth. Prosperity Teachings of the Bible Made Easy clarifies the law of tithing, the importance of taking a Sabbath, the balance between giving and receiving and reveals the original Greek mistranslated in the best-known Bible quotation, ‘the love of money is the root of all evil’ (1 Tim 6:10). The book offers fascinating interpretations of many other Biblical phrases.

The great religious teachings of the ages still hold the key to happiness and prosperity whatever your system of belief.

“With the crisis of liberal capitalism shaking our global society, and the pursuit of material possessions for their own sake having led us into a moral cul-de-sac, Maggy Whitehouse’s perceptive book brings us back, through the spiritual wisdom of the ages, to the essentials of good citizenship and the spirit of altruism.”—Professor Peter Gilbert, Project Lead for the National Spirituality and Mental Health Forum.