A Woman’s Worth—The Divine Feminine In The Hebrew Bible


This book offers a stunningly new interpretation of the role of the women in the Hebrew Testament. Using the Judaic mysticism of the time it represents them as aspects of the Divine Feminine, the Creatrix of the World. The lives of the Matriarchs and Heroines of the Bible viewed through the eyes of mystic and bible historian, Rev. Maggy Whitehouse, outlines the development of the feminine aspect of the human soul. This reveals the women as archetypes as relevant to us today as to the Jews and Christians 2000 years ago.

Few have written so clearly and accessibly about the liberating humanism and therapeutic power conveyed by the ancient stories of the women of the Bible. Maggy knows how to call up Truth and Beauty with the stroke of a keyboard.Prof. Peter Bolland.

Philo, a highly educated Jew in Egypt in the mid-first century CE, would have recognised Maggy Whitehouse’s approach to the Hebrew Bible.Dr. Margaret Barker.