For The Love Of Dog


Three months ago, Anna Marks had a home, a country, a husband and a future. Now, all she has is two suitcases, a laptop computer and a beagle called Frankly.
Together they are on their way from Denver, Colorado to Spain, to live for seven months in a tiny village in the mountains of Granada.

And this is 1999—before wireless internet and ever-present mobile phones—so it will be a complete and lonely exile on foreign soil, made solely because of Anna’s love for her constant companion of ten furry years.

To go directly home to England is not an option right now for it would mean months of hell in confinement for a very spoilt little bitch. And the dog wouldn’t like it, either.

Laugh and cry with Anna and Frankly as they discover a tapestry of conspiracy, tragedy, passion, friendship and laughter in the ‘least important village in Spain.’

For the Love of Dog
is a ripple of laughter and hope that kicks ass, shatters beliefs and rebuilds hearts.

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