Tales Of The Blue Panda



Waking up dead was always going to be a life-changer… even if the being dead bit didn’t last all that long. For Bella Ransom, life began again in the mortuary; a head injury had erased pretty much all of who she thought she was and what she believed.

This new existence was one where her dead brother turned up every night to take her back into the afterlife to retrieve lost souls, where she could see and hear angels and where she turned out, rather embarrassingly, to be in love with a Bishop.

With no memory, you can’t go on hating your ex; with no memory, you can’t remember why you made any of your previous life-choices; with no memory, you simply don’t know what’s possible and what is not. So you do the impossible pretty much all of the time.

Add murder, demons and a witch into the mix together with a fair amount of ranting about bad spelling and you have Tales Of The Blue Panda.

Welcome to Bella’s world…


A page turner peppered with ‘ah ha’ moments and wisdom. Gloriously metaphorical and rich with insight. Wholeheartedly recommended.— Mark Townsend, author of The Traitor’s Child.