The Miracle Man


Imagine the Messiah came today as TV talent show judge. Imagine that his healing powers made Medicare, drugs, drink, shopping and our other addictions redundant. The Miracle Man charts two years in the life of a modern day Messiah who is judge on The Miracle Mile (America’s Got Talent). Living in the spotlight, every move he makes is splashed all over the media. The book follows the exact chronology of the four Gospels of the New Testament, featuring every major character and updating every story to make it relevant for the secular world of today. Josh Gardner harnesses the world of the media to launch a celebrity-led peaceful liberation of Tibet and an extraordinary U-turn in Chinese policy. But a man this powerful is too much of a threat to the world order. Josh’s PR guru Jude Isaacs (Judas Iscariot) believes that the greatest publicity coup would come from a live on air assassination. After all, Josh will complete the story by rising again, won’t he…

This book will inevitably get compared to The Da Vinci Code. It is, however, much better written, doesn’t take huge liberties with ‘facts’ (this is pure fiction), and Tom Hanks won’t be in the film version! It’s a great ‘what if?’ sort of book. Ideal holiday, page turning reading that might make you think about your beliefs.B. Johnson.

ISBN: 978-1846944161 (O Books paperback on Amazon): Also available in Kindle format on and