Maggy Whitehouse is a practicing independent minister, currently working as a non-stipendiary vicar in Devon. She’s also a comedian, writer and broadcaster who has had the opportunity to inform and entertain people for more than 40 years through workshops, books, magazines, newspapers, blogs, radio and television.

She loves to write and is sure that if ever she were shipwrecked she’d simply write another book in the sand while she waited for rescue. She has written for the UK’s Daily Telegraph and Independent newspapers as well as for many UK and US magazines and periodicals.

Norah Lofts was the author of more than 40 books, factual, fictional and biographical. Three of her novels were made into films: Jassy (1947), starring Margaret Lockwood and Dennis Price; You’re Best Alone, filmed as Guilt Is My Shadow (1950); and The Devil’s Own, filmed as The Witches (1966).

Now re-published by Tree of Life Publishing, twenty of her titles (including the House series) are currently available in both paperback and Kindle formats.