From Credit Crunch To Pure Prosperity


What if you didn’t have to experience credit crunches, debt or austerity and had no cause to worry about recessions, either? If you use the spiritual laws of prosperity, you don’t. Everything we see and hear is filtered through the ego (the reticular activating system of the brain). So as soon as we believe something, we then find more and more evidence of the ‘truth’. This book offers simple, practical advice and techniques on how to turn around your mind-set so that outside conditions can no longer affect you. It is humorous, wise and consistent, makes no fake promises and delivers what it promises. If you do the work suggested, your life will become happier and more prosperous.

Maggy brings together prosperity and spirituality in inspirational, practical and liberating ways.’ —Nick Williams, author of The Work We Were Born to Do.

‘Maggy has lived and breathed this prosperity teaching for a decade and it shows clearly in both her life and her writing.’ —Jane Struthers, Bella Magazine astrologer.

‘A book of abundant wisdom teaching the spiritual laws of prosperity for all to understand and use.’ —Dr David Goddard, author of  Tower of Alchemy.

ISBN: 978-1846943287 (O Books paperback on Amazon). Also available in Kindle format on and