Into The Kingdom


The Second Book of The Chronicles of Deborah

‘Somebody’s daughter; Somebody’s sister; Somebody’s wife. Who am I in all of this?’

She is Deborah, adopted daughter of a Jewish carpenter; sister to a crucified holy man and wife of Judah of Kerith—later to be known as Judas Iscariot. Those men are gone; their stories have been told. But Deborah’s destiny is just beginning to unfold. Where the men work openly, women work in secret. When it is made clear to her that there is no place for her in the new movement that heralds Christianity, Deborah leaves her native land for Alexandria with its great library and schools of mystical thought. Then, with her new husband and son, she enters the turbulent world of Rome—ruled by the increasingly unbalanced Caligula. Deborah joins forces with Herod Agrippa, the King of Judaea, to try and stop the Emperor from destroying the Jews. But as the great story of Queen Esther of Persia is re-enacted in Rome, it is Deborah alone who must try to save her people from Caligula’s revenge.

Deborah is a perfect heroine for a story that parallels the suffering and persecution of Christ.The Times