The Homecoming



Sir Godfrey Tallboys:

Battered and bruised from years as a captive in Spain after an ill-fated crusade, this former knight-errant has returned home to Knight’s Acre to his wife and children. But with him is the Moorish slave girl to whom he owes his life—pregnant with his child.

Lady Sybilla Tallboys:

Exhausted with struggling to keep her children fed and poverty at bay, Sir Godfrey’s beautiful wife has grown old before her time. But she, too, has known the fleeting call of forbidden passion and is willing to welcome her husband’s saviour into their humble home.

Tana, Lady Serriff :

Exotic and beguiling and aflame with all the jealous passions of the East, Tana sees Sybilla as the obstacle to all her desires. And when Sir Godfrey leaves again to fight another war, Tana’s own battle for supremacy for her and her child begins.

This turbulent sequel to Knight’s Acre weaves a colourful tapestry of a medieval world filled with powerful women struggling against the cruel hand of fate.