Hester Roon



The Fleece Inn stood where the three roads joined—to London, to Norwich and to the sea. Its trade was prosperous, its hospitality famous and its host, fat Job, was jolly and generous—to his guests.

To his servants Job was cruel and menacing and to Ellie Roon, the most menial servant at the Fleece, he was a figure of terror. Ellie was used to being shouted at and bullied but when her illegitimate daughter was born—in a rat-ridden attic of the Fleece—she decided that Hester must have a different kind of life.

And so Hester Roon, equipped with little more than courage and a strong will, began her eventful progress in the harsh world of 18th century England. After fleeing from the inn, she became involved in the London underworld. From there she was to find herself a destiny far beyond her imaginings.