Knight’s Acre



Sir Godfrey Tallboys:

A knight-errant at the top of his profession and with little thought beyond the next tourney. A long way from being
wealthy but in need of a house for his pretty young wife.

Lady Sybilla Tallboys:

A loving wife, tolerant of her husband’s shortcomings—and with a strong desire for a home where she could raise their
four children instead of relying on the charity of relatives.

Forethought was rare for Sir Godfrey but he decided to build a house even though it took the last of his money. A magnificent
tourney in Spain would make his fortune so, leaving England, he went off to fight.

But tourney turned to treachery and at home he was reported dead. It fell to Sybilla to fend for herself and her children in
the hope that, one day, Sir Godfrey would return.