Kabbalah, You And The Cosmic Christ



Kabbalah is Hebrew for ‘receive’ and this ancient oral tradition is the foundation behind the three ‘People of the Book.’ While written teachings crystallise and become locked into religion, the oral tradition reveals the mystical and eternal truths behind the form.

Kabbalah teaches us who we are; why we are here; what we can do; how to balance our lives and how to understand and relate to the Source of All.

When it comes to Christianity, it is a beautiful scaffolding to reveal the Cosmic nature of the Christ—a state of consciousness which was held by Jesus of Nazareth (and other great souls) and which is still available to us all now.

It reveals the teachings of the Gospels as inclusive, loving and a guide for living rather than a book of rules for the lazy thinker.

In this six-part series, we will look at the Kabbalistic roots of the teachings of the Bible to reveal why we are here; the spiritual and mystical nature of the Universe, how and why the Hebrews changed the pantheon of Gods to one God with many aspects, how to read the Bible as a mystical book of enlightenment: from the Genesis story of creation to the lives of the people within it and who, what, when and where the Christ is today.