Tree of Life Publishing focuses on re-publishing work which has already been a success in the mainstream market and deserves to be available again. We also undertake contract work for companies who need publishing help and advice and will take on self-publishing work for individuals, charities and groups.

It is run by husband and wife team Peter Dickinson (aka Lion) and Maggy Whitehouse. It was born from the ashes of Tethered Camel Publishing after the murder of co-founder Jon Cooper Taylor.

Tree of Life Publishing has republished books by Joyce Stranger, C. S. Lewis (The Chronicles of Narnia in the Russian language to tie in with the Disney movies), Norah Lofts, Nick Williams and Maggy Whitehouse. The company is unique in that it acts as a ‘normal’ publisher for some clients and can act as an agent for others to have their own independent imprint. The work of Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi is an example of the latter.

Tree of Life Publishing also produces books for use by workshop leaders and facilitators as promotional tools, workbooks or summaries of their work. As demonstration tools we have two such books by Maggy as well as John Wadlow’s Goal Challenging which, while while being published under John’s own imprint (IZM) was produced as a collaborative effort between the author and Tree of Life Publishing.


Maggy Whitehouse is one of the co-founders of Tree of Life Publishing though she’s not quite sure what she does apart from answering the phone. Perhaps she’s Peter’s muse?

She’s the author of an increasing number of externally published books including Total Kabbalah, The Marriage of Jesus, China by Rail, The Secret History of Opus Dei and From Credit Crunch to Pure Prosperity.

Her fourth novel, The Miracle Man, was published by O Books in autumn 2010 and her fifth, For The Love Of Dog, was published in 2016.

Maggy trained as a journalist and has worked in print media, radio and television. She was the UK’s second female breakfast DJ on local radio and an assistant producer on the fabled Pebble Mill at One.

Maggy is also a qualified teacher of healing, an ordained minister in an independent sacramental church and has taught workshops in Kabbalah, Prosperity Consciousness and Comparative Religion in the UK, USA, Europe, Russia and Israel since 1992.

It was her former publisher, Alan Samson (now of Orion) who suggested that she investigate self-publishing after her first novel, The Book of Deborah, sold well but not well enough for Time Warner to publish its sequel. Into the Kingdom was Tethered Camel’s first published book.

She has her own website, maggywhitehouse.com and, when she’s not running around after beagles, horses, cats, chickens and sundry other livestock, she tries to like cars…


Peter Dickinson (aka Lion) is Tree of Life Publishing’s co-founder and principal editor. He also makes the tea.

A former deputy editor of the now-defunct Prediction magazine, he has worked as a sub-editor and assistant editor on two motor magazines specialising in VWs and as editor of a truck magazine.

Peter was one of the founders of Tethered Camel Publishing in 2001, started in order to republish Maggy Whitehouse’s Book of Deborah and to relaunch the Toff series by John Creasey onto the market. After the death of Jon Taylor, one of the co-founders,  Peter and Maggy joined forces to create Tree of Life Publishing, the first re-published books of the new venture being C. S. Lewis’s The Chronicles of Narnia in the Russian language, which were produced for the Anglo-Russian company BUR in conjunction with HarperCollins.

Lion works with InDesign. He is frequently asked to do the impossible and have it done yesterday (that included the Narnia books) and always manages to do it—and within the deadline, too. He’s now learning to put websites together, like this one…

He’s also seriously into cars. His last pride and joy was a 1996 VW Corrado VR6. The daily driver at the moment is a Land Rover Discovery 2 while his wish-list includes such diversity as the current Dodge Challenger, Aston Martin V8 Vantage and the 1968 Dodge Charger, preferably the R/T model with 440ci engine (although a 426 Hemi would be nice), disc brakes and triple-black colouring…